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Be it for business or leisure, we provide outspread range of services in style and tailored facilities that take care of the need. The conference hall, which overlook the hillside features versatile meeting and event spaces designed to accommodate up to 100 guests, where perfectly equipped with a stage, projector, Wi-Fi, microphone and sound system. (((Apart from this we also offer catering services for outdoor event like birthdays or receptions.)))


Experience tranquillity in a well maintained family swimming pool that beckons you with its clear water in the middle of the mesmerising mountains. We have child-safe zones and time limits based on safety concern.


Take a plunge into the spectacular buddy pool exclusively designed for friends and corporate to enjoy wild fun on your privacy near the rolling hills.

Rock on Lawn

Slip into the open lawn party venue which has raised platform can accommodate up to 300 people apt for wedding, birthday parties, DJ music & dance, Live Music, games etc.


Dare to take an off road risk!!! Without seat belts on!!!. Driven through adventurous roads in and around Anaikatti packed with thrill and excitement, as a top up can spot wild animals if lucky you are. Mud ride is an added fun to test your high spirits.


Though you are an expert or not to ride the horse, still you will enjoy ride on Ammera, she will take you around the finest scenery of the resort which is going to be an unforgettable memory.


Cycling in the hillside is a TRICK but filled with fun and energy .We provide cycles suitable for men, women and children. Cycling in the mid of lushy forest gives a refreshing memory as an added bonus to form a fit physique.


Different forms and styles of dances originated in different parts of India, like Bharatham, Kathak, Folk, Western , etc . Tribal dances are dissimilar from the above, with unique music and steps will be tuning in ready to raise your spirit. Tribal are the original inhabitants of the land, so to sustain the local tradition of Anaikkaty tribes we encourage them to showcase their talent and traditional performance.


Games are fun to play with friends or family involving physical activity and exercise for brain, if playing in a group definitely of more fun. For indoor games its stocked with chess, snooker, carom, table tennis, and few board and card games.On a large open space can play volleyball, shuttle etc., to spend your leisure time.


If you are fond of birds then Anaikatti is also the ticket to the theatre of nature for birds observation, will be a feast for your eyes and their chirp will cut through your ears. Birds are plenty here like peacocks, peahens, Indian robins, kingfishers, owls, tailorbirds, bulbuls, purple sunbirds, etc..


Its time to explore the off road adventure in the mid of the forest, raise your energy to splunge into action with ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE (ATV Bike). Its hard for words to describe how great to experiment Mud-dashing thrills on steep gradients, making vehicle to have skid stunts and much more fun is certainly not for the faint-hearted.


As many of us know the cause for most disease begin from food habit, in this era, pesticides and growth boosters are part of cultivation to yield rich and high weighed vegetables. In our organic farm we value Mother Nature, maintain virginity of the land and produce organic healthy vegetables and greens. We take guests to SR Agriculture farm to experience farming methods.We conduct special programs for school kids being the future conservators to learn the importance of cultivation and to protect mother earth.


Can experience luxuriating personalized fire setting of warmth on a cold trip in mid of stunning stars and different shades of sky surrounded by dark mountains gaze the way you enjoy. Perceive the way flames play and dance for hours along with your music.